Holistic, Transformational



Simon Glöde

Age: 25

Musician, adventurer,

Bringing all I can contribute,

taking no more than what I need.

On the mat since 2016

Teaching since 2018 (200 YTA

Raised german and danish

I love being in nature, motorbiking, swimming, preferably in the sun. Spheric sounds & pop-music. Veg-food, chocolate & coffee. & hammocks.

I was lucky to discover my passion for an authentic life through yoga in these early days of my blossoming youth (hence the lotus flowers). Turning inwards and being aware of physique and (non-)consciousness turned my life upside down. I found these techniques so extremely powerful for myself and seeing how everyone here is looking for those same answers, I had no choice but to learn how to teach them. Giving back through this wisdom and my music is all I can do, as I am eternally thankful to be around this beautiful piece of art called life.


Let's live it. Full power.


Our society makes it hard for us to live an authentic life. It feeds us with 'the path', how to live, look, love etc. One has to be willing to step out of that comfort-zone of mundanity and first learn to quiet the mind - to be able to listen to oneself. To the truth within. It's always there, it's just hard to hear at first.


I had the loudest mind myself: Fed up and bored with the ever-repeating wheel of existence, I drowned myself in substances and kept myself distracted being busy with busyness. As a musician I tried to perfect my role of the archetypical rock-musician for a long time: swinging from bar to bar, gig to gig, sex and drugs, searching for attention and love, never coming to a rest.


Somebody said (as somebody eventually does): "You should try Yoga, man"

So I did, man.


Slowly it came and took over my life: With conscious movement came a more and more conscious brain. I slowly started quitting bad habits, falling back and forth regularly, but gradually moving in a direction of self-love. In my first class, a never-ending (60-min) flow of "where-does-my-knee-go-here?", I had never thought of this stuff saving my life.


Years after this first connection with "there-must-be-more", I magically found myself in Rishikesh, India, the birthplace of yoga. Here I met a guy, a guru who embodies the teachings, the full power life, the adventure, the laughter, the love, the honesty and 'no compromise'-lifestyle I was looking for. 


The truth is this: You are light, man. Your existence is a blink in the eye of eternal time. Every single one of your thought is temporary and nothing but - a thought. It's not good, not bad, it's just there and if we can train our monkey-brains to accept this. If we can stop chasing and desiring and just accept the way. The ever-continuing way: To me, that is yoga.


And that's what I want to practice on the yoga-mat.


If I ask you to roar like a lion and shout an indian gods name for 10 minutes, it is because it has helped me becoming friends with my inner monkey, my ego, and I want you to be friends with yours too.



Find out more about my style of yoga, Sattva Yoga, here

You got energy, but you ain't gonna use it?

You got so much time, but you ain't gonna use it?

You got so much space, but you ain't gonna use it?

You got a great big mind, but you ain't gonna use it?

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